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Posted on 7th March 2012 in Lawyers and Law Firms | Tags: ,

The best advice you can get on winning a divorce case would be to get a good divorce lawyer. That doesn’t mean go out and find the one that charges the most per hour. A good lawyer should be able to sit down and explain the situation you are about to face in an easy […]

The benefits of hiring a good family attorney are enormous. The last thing you want to do is represent yourself in a case where the other party has hired an attorney or seems aggressive in their resolve. Even if you think you cannot afford an attorney it is best to try to arrange a free […]

Posted on 11th February 2012 in Lawyers and Law Firms | Tags:

Chances are you have heard of someone who has gone through a divorce and has hired a divorce lawyer. It can be an ugly battle of who gets what and how much. You may also know of people who have had a divorce and things went smoothly. Sometimes divorce can come as a total surprise […]

Posted on 30th January 2012 in Lawyers and Law Firms | Tags:

The decision to proceed with a divorce is not an easy one. It is often filled with bitterness and resentment. It can be an emotional roller coaster, especially if there are children involved. Beside the emotional side, there are financial aspects that must be decided and legal issues to be addressed. An attorney should be […]

Posted on 19th January 2012 in Lawyers and Law Firms | Tags:

Every adoption, whether domestic or international, requires the action and approval of the courts. Each state has their own policy and procedures to oversee each adoption process. An adoption can be a long and enduring journey because there are many stipulations that must be met by the adopting family. A family law attorney can help […]

When a child’s parents divorce, separate, or annul their marriage, a court will decide what is in the best interest of the child. Children are not property and therefore should not be treated as such. A child custody lawyer can help assist you and your children in court. A court will hear both sides of […]

Posted on 31st December 2011 in Lawyers and Law Firms | Tags:

Unfortunately there are many circumstances that can prevent a child’s parents from raising their child under the same roof. For a child, this can be an emotional challenge as well. If you or your child’s other parent have been separated from your child, the court may have ordered a child support schedule. It is your […]

Posted on 20th December 2011 in Lawyers and Law Firms | Tags: , , ,

There are many aspects in ones life that might require the need of a qualified attorney. From divorce to adoption a family attorney can help you through life’s challenges. You may be wondering how a family attorney can assist you. Here is a quick run down of areas family attorneys can help. Prenuptial agreement This […]

Posted on 14th December 2011 in Lawyers and Law Firms | Tags:

Considering that filing for bankruptcy can be as bad as it gets, then you should think again as with a bad bankruptcy attorney the things can go even worse turning your situation into a nightmare. But before settling for hiring a lawyer in this matter, you should consider the situation better and see if you […]