Directory of Business and Corporate Law

Fichte & Co is the only international commercial law firm headquartered in Dubai, with high expertise in corporate and company law as well as in the special field of shipping law and related matters. It advices international, regional and UAE based maritime companies, a variety of corporations and other enterprises with regards to their business interests, challenges and commercial ambitions both locally and internationally. It is a winner of Seatrade Middle East & Indian Subcontinent award for “Best Maritime Law Firm” and of Corporate Intl Magazine award for “Corporate Law Firm of the Year in the UAE” – [View More Details]

A legal corporation established in the field of corporate services on a global scale. Its lawyers who privde themselves in an accumulated expertise of over 33 years offering quality services to a broad base of clientele all over the world. Services they provide includes banking, mergers, takeovers, patent and trade name registration. – [View More Details]

A law firm which has designed it’s practice to both non-Bahamas businesses that need sharp local expertise, and local/regional businesses that want a trusted hand and 24/7 attention. That’s why their array of services is broad. As real estate, banking, and litigation experts, they have built legal specialties around their strengths and your needs. What’s more, they often price their services based on your value-not maximizing our fees. – [View More Details]

Specialist business law advice including experience of advising directors and shareholders on a wide range of issues. – [View More Details]

John Mcduff has practiced law in the areas of business, litigation, business transactions, tax litigation & tax collection for over 30 years. Call today for a free consultation. – [View More Details]

Soteris Pittas & Co LLC is a boutique law firm, in size only, focusing on the areas of law related to business activity and dedicated to providing its clients with outstanding, highly personalized, legal representation. – [View More Details]

Small business lawyers providing personalized legal services to new and established clients for corporate, small business and real estate law. – [View More Details]

An Italian law firm based in Mantova, the Tedioli law firm specializes in insolvency and corporate law. The content of their website is available in both English and Italian. – [View More Details]

A full service law firm in India with offices in New Delhi, Noida, Bangalore, Hyderabad and Mumbai, Singhania & Partners support their clients in all spheres of corporate law throughout India and internationally through partnership networks with leading local firms in almost all countries and major jurisdictions. – [View More Details]

Regarded as New Zealand's premier law firm which has an extensive and celebrated history of representing leading corporations and financial institutions. – [View More Details]