The choice of a good bankruptcy attorney is essential

Posted on 14th December 2011 in Lawyers and Law Firms | Tags:

Considering that filing for bankruptcy can be as bad as it gets, then you should think again as with a bad bankruptcy attorney the things can go even worse turning your situation into a nightmare. But before settling for hiring a lawyer in this matter, you should consider the situation better and see if you really need one.

There are many websites which encourage individuals like you to proceed into this matter by themselves, but this can go for fewer cases. Bankruptcy is a complex concept and once you are involved in it you are not allowed to take even a single step into the wrong direction.

Most of the individuals who have been into this process by themselves have declared that if they had to do it again, they would definitely hire a bankruptcy lawyer. Beside this, they stated that through a lawyer they were able to save a lot from their assets after the filing was already completed. But what is there that a good bankruptcy lawyer can do and you can’t?

Well, let’s take it from the basic – they will start through studying your situation in detail as they can not give you any piece of advice where you stand as long as they are not edified on you problem.

Apart from this you must see this lawyer as a professional who has long time experience in getting familiar with the state laws on the bankruptcy filing and as a result they know how to put the problem in order to give the court what they look for with the positive outcome on your side.

After revising your situation, the lawyer should advise you on the options that you have available, since bankruptcy should be seen as your last resort.

If bankruptcy is still seen as your last option, then your attorney should be able to tell you under which chapter to file the bankruptcy for as there are two main chapters most commonly used – Chapter 7 and Chapter 13. One is going for reorganizing the way to pay the debt on lower payments and the other goes for lifting up the debt of your shoulders.

But even in the last case, you will be advised that there are some sorts of debts that can not be completely wiped out and in case your debts are in their majority of these sorts, then you shouldn’t opt for bankruptcy filing, after all.

On the other hand, if you decide in the last minute for this filing, you should know that any creditor who has already resorted to judgment against you is not possible to be deleted as long as your filing came after their judgment filing.

Once you have chosen your lawyer who will put you through all these, you should be completely honest with him because he is the only one who is on your side. Therefore allow him to perform his job listening to his professional advice when several options are presented to you while being in this financial impasse.