The need for a good family law attorney

Posted on 20th December 2011 in Lawyers and Law Firms | Tags: , , ,

There are many aspects in ones life that might require the need of a qualified attorney. From divorce to adoption a family attorney can help you through life’s challenges. You may be wondering how a family attorney can assist you. Here is a quick run down of areas family attorneys can help.

Prenuptial agreement

This is often referred to as the prenupt. A prenuptial agreement is a contract between the two parties before they enter a union such as marriage. The agreement can vary on it’s contents but usually contains an agreement on how things will be handled in a divorce such as property, and sometimes alimony. Prenuptial agreements can sometimes kill a relationship fast, so it is best to discuss this option openly before wedding plans are made. Just because your spouse asks for a prenupt doesn’t mean they don’t trust you. These agreements are very wise financial decisions that can help a divorce or separation go easier. In fact if everything goes smoothly in the marriage, there is no need for a divorce.


Establishing paternity when a child is born is very important for both health and financial reasons. If the babies father has a family history of health problems it will be good to know so that you can share that information with his or her doctor. In the possible event that the father dies the baby may be entitled to social security benefits, as well as any estate. Additionally the baby may be covered under the fathers employee health insurance. Your local family law attorney can help you in both getting the DNA testing done and help assist with setting up a child support schedule.

Child Support

Parents are financially responsible for their children, usually until they reach the age of 18-21 (age varies from state to state). There are severe penalties for parents that do not abide by these laws. Experienced attorneys have expertise in these fields and can assist you in recovering your child support payments. Even if a spouse has left the state, the courts can restrict everything from professional licenses to drivers licenses to assist in the recovery of such debt. If you are having problems getting support payments from your spouse do not waste time, seek the help of an attorney immediately.


Adoption is a very delicate process. The adopted child’s life is being decided and effected forever. For this reason all adoption must go through and be approved by the courts even if it is through an agency. Not just anyone can adopt a child. The parents must show that they are both emotionally and financially able to care for the child. You must also be prepared for the long endeavor that it can sometimes take to adopt. It is best to meet with a qualified Family law Attorney to discuss your options.


Sometimes a divorce can be an ugly thing. However, sometimes they can be a peaceful end to a marriage. What ever the case is, a family law attorney can assist you with the process. If you and your partner decide to go through a mediation process first, the attorney can also assist in the final arrangements. Since the Mediator cannot advise you of your legal rights, you may want to enlist an attorneys help with the final documents.