Tips for winning a divorce case

Posted on 7th March 2012 in Lawyers and Law Firms | Tags: ,

The best advice you can get on winning a divorce case would be to get a good divorce lawyer. That doesn’t mean go out and find the one that charges the most per hour. A good lawyer should be able to sit down and explain the situation you are about to face in an easy to understand language. The best lawyer to get is one that specializes in the divorce field and knows the laws inside and out. It is also a good idea to find a lawyer that has practice in the area for some time. This will give them the advantage of knowing before hand how the courts see things.

Do not do anything to provoke a fight with your soon to be ex. You do not want to talk bad about them to anyone, especially in front of, or to the children. Any kind of altercation could be used against you in court. Even if the person is a family friend and you trust them, a conversation that gets ugly can end up in court. In fact it is best to not even talk to your spouse without the presence of a lawyer.

You should keep good notes. Sit down and run through your marriage in your head in your own time. Think of every thing you can that might help your case in court. This brainstorming session will not only save you money from having to sit down and explain it to your divorce lawyer, but it will also help spark your recollection of events. Try to think of all the arguments or fights you may have had in your relationship and what caused them. You should not keep anything from your attorney, everything you say is kept in strict confidentiality and will not expose you to any trouble. You want to make sure your lawyer knows about everything before your spouse’ lawyer brings it up in court.

Keep a good record of everything and share it with your divorce lawyer. Sometimes a joint account can be the center of controversy in the settlement. Your ex may claim that you have unjustifiably taken money out of your accounts to hide money. You may need to show proof to the court as to why you withdrew the money and for what. Your ex may lie about the dates or transactions as well, so keeping tabs will help your case. You may want to keep records or receipts of where you were, in case you need to prove that in court as well.

Spend as much time as possible with your kids. In some cases the stress of the divorce may cause you to want to stay away from the family. Maybe your spouse has the kids and custody hasn’t been decided yet. You should never stop visiting with your children unless the court says so. This will prove that you are still a loving father that cares about your child’s welfare. If your ex or soon to be ex is preventing you from seeing your children a divorce lawyer can help you arrange visits or even temporary custody.