Understanding the benefits of hiring a family attorney

The benefits of hiring a good family attorney are enormous. The last thing you want to do is represent yourself in a case where the other party has hired an attorney or seems aggressive in their resolve. Even if you think you cannot afford an attorney it is best to try to arrange a free consultation and weigh your options. Often the case is you cannot afford not to have an attorney. Additionally, there may be times when you do not need an attorney. If you find yourself battling between the need for an attorney and the desire to represent yourself, you will find some tips below to help you decide.


In the case of divorce it is often best to seek the advice of a family attorney. If you and your spouse average about the same monthly income, do not have kids, do not have many assets, and have not been married for very long, then you may be able to handle the process yourself. If you are not going to seek the advice of legal counsel on the divorce agreements, you should at least have an attorney look over your final arrangements. A qualified lawyer can help point out things you may have missed or show you some things that may or may not be legally binding. This same case applies if you meet with a mediator. Since the mediator cannot give you legal advice and cannot make a contract, you may still want to have a family law attorney draft the final documents.

Child Adoption

If you are seeking to adopt a child, you are going to have to work through the courts. All adoptions must be approved by the courts. It is this reason why you should meet with a lawyer to discuss preparations for the adoption process. There are many aspects of adoption that you will need to address and can often be overwhelming at first. By meeting with a family attorney you can help prepare yourself both mentally and financially for this new experience. Even if you are adopting through an agency, it is best to find a suitable attorney on your own. This will insure that the attorney is keeping your best interests in mind.

Child Support

When it comes to collecting child support an attorney will often insure timely payments and less stress. There are times when an ex-spouse may have skipped town or lost their job. This does not exclude them from making payments to support the welfare of their child. Do not waste time trying to deal with a deadbeat parent. Child support payments still accrue whether or not the parent is employed. By hiring a family attorney you are taking the step in the right direction. The courts can suspend their drivers license, professional license, and even issue an arrest warrant.

Prenuptial Agreements

Another benefit of hiring a lawyer is for prenuptial agreements. These agreements are often arranged before you get married or enter a civil union. Prenupts, as they are often referred to as, are not something that you should be ashamed of. They are simply a way to protect each others wishes should a divorce or separation happen. Sometimes a prenupt can be a touchy subject in a relationship. However if you have considerable assets you may want seek the advice and counsel of an attorney.